The Association

Founded in Trieste (Italy) in 2010, the Cultural Association Aes Torkoi aims at spreading the culture on the Iron Age, with particular attention to people who lived in the Northeast Italy, Istria and western Slovenia, before the arrive of Rome, which then call these areas "X Regio".
Since its foundation, the Association research thoroughly from historical and archaeological sources all the knowledge needed to rebuild as truthfully as possible the appearance, habits and customs of ancient peoples. With the experience gained from a variety of cultural events and historical re-enactments, the Association is able to present a group of  reenactors highly qualified, able to propose different realities within the reenactment, as duels, battles, camp, community life, etc., concerning the people of the Celts and the Illyrians or predispose to cultural activities of various kinds, such as lessons in schools, presentations in museums or participation in television programs on history theme.



 The main activities of the Association is to reenact the ancient Celts, or as they called it the Romans, Gauls. Among the many Gauls who lived in ancient northern Italy, our Association has chosen to reenact the people of Karni, since they lived in the areas from where we come from, thus being able to reenact our own ancestors.

The Karni, from Bavaria, expanded from V-IV century. B.C. in the territories of Karnia, Karinthia, Karniola and Carso.

The Association reenact the period of the history of Karni, which runs from the third century. B.C. up to 115 B.C. when, after a brave and valiant resistance, were subject to Rome.


After several years of study, the Association has decided to present a real news in the world of  european historical reenactment: the ancient people of the Histri. In very broad north adriatic culture , the Association has decided to reenact the people of the Histri, in a time period between the third and first century. BC. The Histri lived in an area that included the current Istria peninsula and part of the south of Venezia Giulia.

The Histri, were described by the Romans, as the ferocious pirates, who exploited their rocky shores, difficult to navigation, to attack passing ships.

The Histri, together with Karni, Giapidi and Liburni, gave rise to  the Culture of "Castellieri".